Coffee Shop Getaway

Let me tell you a little bit about my simple life, or my attempt of living simpler than I would like to at times. We choose to live without WiFi at home. This is something that is difficult for me. Not because I HAVE to have access to unlimited internet, but because I like to search social media for recipes, workouts, all things interior design and so much more. It is right at our fingertips- how cool is it to connect to people all across the world enjoying the same passions you do !?!? This is a great thing, but can deter us from spending quality time doing other things. So I understand why we choose to not have it. I say we, as it is something that my husband and I have to choose to do together. It often causes me frustration, but I try to look at the positive aspects of it.

One of the positives is it allows me to go to local coffee shops to enjoy a warm latte and share their WiFi. My favorite spot is The Cabin Coffeehouse in downtown Bemidji, MN. Just walking into their old building with high ceilings, squeaky wood floors and acoustic music playing in the background makes me smile. I don’t even have to wear headphones while I am there. Their Cafe Miel is fantastic, they have fresh homemade baked goods daily, soups to die for and lunches beyond belief. I can sit there for hours lost in the world of Instagram, dreaming of owning a local bookstore, wandering through my mind full of interior designs or searching for the next great read.

One can’t afford weekends away to fancy warm beaches, but one can afford the occasional Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte with a stroll through Pinterest’s latest suggested pins, without kids asking for help every other minute or having the dreaded reminder of tasks uncompleted at home. There are times, yes, really, that I am thankful we do not have WiFi at home. There will come a time when we fork over the astronomical price for WiFi as the girls will need it for school, but at the time, we may lose the non-electronic spark that we get to enjoy now.

So here is to my Coffee Shop Getaways, may I enjoy!

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