The Happiness Project- January

The Happiness Project was downloaded onto my Nook years ago with great intentions surly! Not until December 2017 did I decide to open it once again. I told myself, this is the year that I will dive in. January’s month was to focus on BOOSTING ENERGY and VITALITY. Vitality: to stay strong and active. Great motivational words for a new year, right?

I bought a new planner and pens (this alone brings me happiness). I sat down and scheduled out what my January goals were to look like. This was going to help me accomplish the items that Gretchen Rubin talked about.

Workouts equal energy:

I was going to allow myself one day off each week from a workout, otherwise I laid out my Tracy Anderson workout schedule. This would be rather fitting since Tracy Anderson uses the word viTAlity with many of her workshops which I still long to attend. I always find myself falling back into “my” Tracy Anderson workouts. I have followed her for over 10 years and when I am focused in on what she teaches, I feel my best. Why is it that I always fall off of the wagon? I know so many of us do and it is just life. Why though, when working out makes us feel so healthy and alive?

While reviewing the month of January, I found I was not sticking to my 30 minute a day Tracy Anderson workout each day as scheduled. At least, I did find myself doing some sort of workout for at least 30 minutes each day, until the flu hit our house on the 23rd and an ear infection on the 27th. Ok, back at it though, I didn’t fall completely off of the wagon! This week is a new one and with February on the line it is new energy and dedication.

Go to sleep early:

Gretchen suggested this. I am often too bed early with no problem, it is sleeping well and through the night that is the issue. With an almost 4 year old that wishes to sleep in our room on a VERY regular basis, this is hard to do. With the help of the workouts and Melatonin, I would say I slept fairly well this month.

Toss, restore and organize:

I find myself doing this many times throughout the year. I did a good number on this task this month. I have a van full of clothes, old toys, and books etc. that are ready to be donated. If only I did not get that flat tire on Friday, this item on my checklist would have been accomplished! It is so hard to part with things, but feels so rejuvenating. This week those bags of goodies will be out of our life and onto someone that can use them. I did try to tidy up things each night, not a thorough cleaning, but the small amounts of things that were put away did make me feel happier in the morning upon waking up.

Tackle a nagging task:

This was a personal task that recently came on my radar and one that I can not speak openly about. It was a difficult thing to accomplish, but it was completed and marked off my to-do list. It was something that ate away at my heart and mind. Once the words were written, I could feel the weight lifted off of me, mostly anyways. I will say that if one feels that something needs to be said to a loved one, it is important to really dig deep and know the reason in which it may need to be released. One needs to question for who’s purpose is it being said?

Act more energetic:

This suggestion popped into my mind pretty often each week. When I would find myself feeling down or angry, I would think of some words that Gretchen said “act the way I wanted to feel” she said. If my kids were making me frustrated, instead of yelling at them, I would maybe turn away and say I needed a personal timeout. Now don’t get me wrong, I would still occasionally yell, which mother doesn’t? I wanted to appear (and feel) more calm. There were moments in my workday that would drag me down and I would sit up taller, take a deep breath, and tell myself that I had the energy to finish the task at hand. Most of the time it worked! We are one person and have to know that as long as we are trying our hardest, we will accomplish what we can. There is always another day.

The month brought a lot to focus on. Energy is a big part of my life. It ebbs and flows. I can share that love, smiles, laughs, music and stories bring me the energy to get by. May the Happiness Project bring me another strong month? Here is to February, the month of love.

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