Best Valentine’s Day Ever

On Tuesday as I went to bed I heard the forecast for Wednesday- Valentine’s Day. It was supposed to be in the 40’s! What a relief as we are all so over winter here in Minnesota! I proposed to my hubby that we should have a bonfire and roast hotdogs for dinner. He didn’t seem overly excited about this idea, but didn’t put it down either.

The kids had been outside sledding at school and at daycare so they were tired, crabby and besides themselves when we all got home. Great, “this is going to be fun” was my initial thought. T got the fire going outside, the girls put on all of their winter gear, again, and we headed outside for some more fresh air! We had some tears (see photo above) but for the most part it was the best Valentine’s Day Ever.

I am not a girl who needs flowers, candy and sparkly things, I just want the unexpected!! And I received it thanks to Mother Nature. Fresh air, clear skies, laughing kiddos and a happy hubby. My cup runneth over last night. I am still smiling over the memories made.

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