80’s Rock Child

I have vivid memories. These vivid memories often times are triggered by music. The earliest of these memories fade back to when I was in kindergarten. Starship’s “Sara” played as my dad laced up my ice skates one evening in Bismarck at an outdoor rink. And the song “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison was sung by my ski instructor when we went skiing in Montana.

My aunt, and Godmother, recorded me a mixed tape around first grade. The tape broke as I listened to it too many times, otherwise I still would probably have it. She lived with us on Columbia Drive at the time. I loved to hang out in her room- gold shag carpet and all! This tape had THE BEST of the hair bands on it. Def Leopard, Bon Jovi, Poison, Guns’n’Roses. Could it get any better? Now I know this was probably not very appropriate for a 6 year old, but I was a good child, was a well behaved teenager and am a hard working adult, so I think it was only influential on my great taste of music.

The other day at Target, I was looking through the sale clothes in the kids’ section. I found the Bon Jovi sweatshirt in the photo above in Stella’s size. She said she would wear it so I got it for her…or…maybe…for me. The gal that checked us out said “oh Bon Jovi” and Stella said “who!?!?” We laughed, I admitted to her, the sweatshirt was more for me and my nostalgic mind.

I played Bon Jovi in the car and Stella remembered hearing them before and said she liked it. She has listened to my playlist on Spotify “rockin’ 80’s child” and is not a fan of all the tunes, but I have caught her in mid air guitar before, so she must be feeling some of it!

In the past 15 years I have attended a Bon Jovi concert, Journey and Def Leopard. They all have the ability to still sound phenomenal. Maybe their energy is not what it used to be, but are still very enjoyable! Now if only Aerosmith would tour again. My dad was supposed to take me in jr. high but he ended up going on a work trip. My Godfather,and uncle, took me and I am thankful for that, but dad and I need to have that date!

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