Boundaries. Post 3 of 5.

There are times that people overstep their boundaries. It can cause hurt, anger, frustration, distrust, sadness and wonder of what one did to deserve the action or painful words.

A year ago in this situation I probably would have stood my ground and politely said what was on my mind to the wrong-doer. Even though it would have been politely stated and words of truth said, it would have added fuel to the fire.

Today I pray about situations like this. I looked up “overstepping boundaries” recently in the Bible and happened upon Proverbs 15:1. It helped me make a decision to remain mum rather than address the issue that had presented itself- an issue that I felt was in regards to overstepping boundaries. The decision to remain mum alone left me feeling overpowered, yet, made me feel defeated at the same time. It left me feeling defeated because I felt it was wrong what this person did, and I was taught to stand up for myself. I decided I would pray again and leave it to God to help me handle “it”.

I pray that all who reads this walks with prayer and love. Find the strength in God and his words.


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