Friday Favorites • Black Palette

Welcome to my first FridayFavorites post! I have many favorites and I hope to showcase them each week. As much as I love color, black is my go to for style. Black is classy, sleek, and polished. It makes me feel sharp!


Let’s talk about these eyeglasses. Have you seen Oprah sporting some flashy black glasses lately? They are from Sospiri, an Italian Brand that is carried at Sanford Eye Center in Bemidji, MN. How beautiful are these? They are made with Swarovski crystals and with the utmost attention to detail. Each pair is absolutely stunning. The photo does not do it justice, you should see them under a light. This particular pair, Allegra, has black crystals and once I hit the light just right they ever so slightly glimmer. If you have a chance to try them on, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! I wear them dressed up or dressed slightly down. They are only sold in a select number of optical shops, so if you are in Northern MN, stop by Sanford!

(Lenses are Shamir Single Vision Autograph with Crizal Avance Anti- reflective coating.)


Get ready to see these earrings posted every Friday in different colors. I guarantee, you will become addicted if you purchase a pair! These are from NickelandSuede. I found them while cruising Pinterest for hair inspiration years ago. Kilee Nickels has created these gems. She is Superwoman in its finest form; a pure inspiration! Check out her blog, OneLittleMomma. These are Black Cork, medium size.


Moleskine is a higher end journal that I tend to buy at Barnes and Noble, although, I could not find the identical one I most recently bought on their website. The one listed below is similar. I am an educated Interior Designer who learned how awesome grid paper could be in college. I love what grid paper can do for me. It gives me a space to draw and sketch to scale with ease. It allows me to organize lists in a more creative yet organized way.


I am a pen snob. I have no problem admitting it. I have fallen in love with pens in the past, but nothing like this one. It is the Paper Mate Ink Joy gel 0.7. Of course it comes in black, but if you like colored pens it comes in a every color imaginable.

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