This weekend has been a great one. I will write more about Emery’s birthday party this week, but I just have to write about today. I woke up on my own without miss Emery as an alarm. Church is becoming more enjoyable as the kids get to attend Children’s Liturgy of the Word or Sunday School. This means mom and dad get to hear the sermon and actually listen to it. Travis took the kids home to play outside in the snow. I got to go running by the lake, grab a quick coffee while cruising Pinterest and then pick up a few groceries. Luckily both of our kids still take naps and this meant that when I got home I finished up their lunch and tucked them into their beds. Score! Just a little more KirstenTime. I love being a mom, it is the best job in the world, and I truly mean that, but this girl has so many things she wants to do and they are most productively done alone.

I cleaned up my room, also known as my dressing room, art room and exercise room. Envision a very small bedroom without a closet crammed with all of the items that would fill the rooms mentioned above. As time passes I get the room more organized, but it is not quite the way I want it yet.

After things were picked up I sat down at my “drafting table” to work on a project I have been working on for months. I have dreamed of it only in my mind ever since we bought our property and house 6 years ago. It is an art shack. Over time it has become a bit bigger. A place where not only could I work on art projects but a place I could work with clients on interior design projects of their own.

As I sat down I was excited to see I was farther along than I had remembered. I was at a point where I could draw the elevations in ink and begin adding color. It made me smile ear to ear (think goofy a** grin), butterflies appeared in my stomach and tears actually formed in my eyes. Passion, what a beautiful and powerful thing, it’s been quite awhile!

I can’t wait to showcase my final plans.

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