Intuition. Post 5 of 5.

This is probably the hardest one to write about out of the topics: trust, expectations, boundaries, forgiveness and intuition. I can’t quite figure out why. Probably because the other four topics are all deeply intertwined with intuition. One’s intuition is so personal that others may have a hard time understanding it. Sometimes intuition can be abstract and difficult to explain. It’s that gut feeling that one can’t describe, they just feel it. It asks you to trust someone’s gut feeling without much to back it up.

I have had a few situations where my intuition was truly tested. I am not talking about “my kid has an ear infection, I just know it” intuition, although, more often than not, my intuition is right. There was a guy that some people around me knew. So many people liked him. I had a “feeling” about him. Something just didn’t feel right to me. It ended up being that he was not a good person. I know this is vague, but to protect other people’s privacy I won’t say more than that. There was another situation where my intuition was telling me that a friend of mine was not well, she was not happy, she was extremely anxious. I didn’t know quite what to gather, I just knew something was not “right”. The next day, another friend called to tell me that she died. A very difficult and sad experience.

I believe intuition is a complicated and spiritual emotion. One that influences how we trust, forgive, set up expectations and boundaries. We really have to listen to ourselves and be mindful of those around us in order to understand our intuitions and be accepting of others.

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