Homemade Pizza

I love kitchen gadgets that make my life simpler. Kitchenaide mixer? Yes please!

My oldest still loves the story of when we bought ours. It was supposed to be a quick stop at Target on our way to preschool last year. There it was on the end cap. A Kitchenaide Mixer ON SALE. It was like it was glowing. Enter in the singing choir. Release the flying doves! Stella knew I was wishing for the turquoise colored one. “But Stella, daddy would be so proud that it was on sale, Black is ok!! I couldn’t walk it up the cash register fast enough! I had to wait through the whole entire work day until I could go home and take it out of the box! What a long day it was!

This weekend was the first I used it to make pizza dough. What made me wait? When we bought it, pizza dough was the first thing I wanted to make with it. I no longer had to hand knead the dough by hand! Frozen Jacks pizza was just so much easier. I guarantee you, we will be making more homemade pizzas going forward.

We use the Better Homes and Gardens pizza crust recipe


Simply Balanced Pizza Sauce

Peppers, onions, green olives, spinach tossed with olive oil

Turkey pepperonis

Combo of mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses

Follow the BHG recipe for baking times and temperature

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