International Woman’s Day

I floated through Instagram posts today of women celebrating women. I have always appreciated strong, educated, determined women making a way for themselves in a loving, caring and positive way. #bossbabes have not always been as present as they are today, but are far more respected and accepted.

Women need to support women as we grow in today’s world. It is constantly changing and can be scary at times. We need to bind together to be there for one another. It is a time to be compassionate towards each one’s desires. Maybe it is a pull to be the homemaker and a stay at home mother, a full time working mom trying to move up in the workforce, or maybe it is a single or married woman choosing to not have children. There is so much comparison and competition; it’s no wonder we don’t know if we are doing something “right or wrong”.

Stay positive, continue to motivate and support, choose to love.

Be an Independent Woman.

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