Sunday Funday

I have always wanted to title a post that. Sundays can be tough with trying to gear up for the next week. The fact that it was Daylight Savings could have made it a bit more crazy. We were up and at it with no problem today. Hey, one positive is that my youngest “let me sleep in until 6:00” rather than waking up at 5:00…oh yeah, not really a change, huh? *sigh* Someday, maybe she will let me sleep in.

After attending church we went home and got to dig out our white canvases and paint. That was on the agenda for yesterday, but let’s be honest for a moment. The girls were not the most well behaved kiddos yesterday, so their punishment was not not paint. If they were graded on sassy-ness, they would have received an A+!!

Today has been much better. They helped “Greet” at church by opening the door for members of our parish and sat well through mass. The painting theme for them was “spring” so that we could display their art for a few months. The February theme of pink and red hearts wore off too quickly. While they painted I made crepes for lunch. The recipe was out of the Shopkins cookbook. If you are looking for a good birthday, Easter, or just because gift, this cookbook rocks, even from a mom’s standpoint. It is a bit heavy on the sugar, but the photos and recipes are great. We, yes, even me, can’t wait try more of the recipes out!

May the rest of your Fun-day be awesome!

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  1. I planned the day off today because I was keeping company with Dad & Mom this past weekend & it was daylight saving time. Come on! I’m 65 & require rest! So I enjoyed today; slept in, caught a few talk shows, baked a pineapple 🍍 upside down cake in my large cast iron skillet & I’m planning tator top hot dish to take to John & Jenn’s tonite. Cut yourself a break & do what makes you “over the moon” too! Love your blog!

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