Friday Favorites: A Day Off, Starbucks and Holding Hands

There is no daycare today so I was fortunate to be home with Emery today. We enjoyed taking Stella to school. It’s fun to see the girls run through the school with their friends. It amazes me that I have kids that are school aged as I often forget that I am in my mid 30’s and old enough to have kids this age. I don’t physically feel 20, but “feel” that I am still 20 at times.

After Emery had her 4 year old well child visit and shots (which we received without one tear!!!!!!) we went to Starbucks and Target. Our favorite combo. With a Matcha Frappuccino in my hand and chocolate cake pop in hers we literally walked around the store for two hours looking at everything and anything. She was such a good helper gathering groceries for us. Time in Target with one kid is so different than trying to herd them both through the store.

Now we sit and relax. Something I love to do, but am horrible at accomplishing. Holding my children’s hands are a favorite. This simple act is gentle and heart warming. We will watch Frozen together for the 2,378th time and then venture back into town to get Stella. What a beautiful day.


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