My Little Interior Designer

It’s hard to be a sibling. I heard Stella tell me and Emery she wished Emery had not been born. This was on Friday afternoon after Emery and I had a mandatory mommy/daughter day as daycare was closed. This was the 2nd mommy/ Emery day we had in about a month. Unfair to Stella? Yes. It’s hard to explain to a 5 year old that she gets to do a lot of things her little sister doesn’t. Field trips, play dates, sleepovers! All of this said, Stella was due for some mommy/ daughter time of her own.

What do we do? What can we do that doesn’t cost a lot of money? I had just spent 2 hours walking around Target with Emery, I didn’t quite feel up to that again! Did I just say that!?!? Friday night I had a good idea, at least ,I hoped it was.

A good idea it was, phew! As we got into the car I asked Stella if she wanted to pretend to be an interior designer for the morning. She lit up and said “yes”! I gave her a book of floor plans I had. She was to pick one out and we would go to Home Depot to pick out paint, flooring, counters and cabinets. We spent an hour walking around the store. She selected some wonderful sparkly lights for her and Emery’s rooms. It was fun to stand back and watch her touch the carpet samples, she “needed one that was soft”. She opened and closed the cabinets and was in awe of all the extras she could get. Who knew ovens could be fun to look at? Well, I mean, I can’t wait to shop for one someday, but she thoroughly enjoyed it!

We took the samples to Starbucks. We ordered a little snack and got to work on her floor plan drawings. We didn’t get much farther than her and her sister’s rooms, maybe she is actually happy her sister was born.

I am constantly catching myself watch the gears turn in her head. Watching her think about the placement of the bed, table lamp and desk. The concept of a floor plan being 2-D and not 3-D troubled her some, but she made sense of it the best she could. We look forward to working on it again. She took it home excited to show daddy what we did. I think we will have to find other things to pretend doing. Perhaps I will put it in her court next time! This time we won’t wait so long to have our date.

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