Rachel Hollis, Can you be in my tribe?

At book club the other night the word “tribe” came up. I have a tribe of wonderful women around me, some from home, some from my “new” home in Bemidji, some that have been with me since birth. Rachel Hollis, author of Girl, Wash Your Face, could easily be a part of my tribe. I felt like when I was reading her book she was one of my closest friends. I could trust her with my most inner concerns and thoughts. And with any close friend, you talk to them about advise and how to be a better person. Advise is what she gave in her book based on her life experiences. I appreciate her openness and the rawness she brought to each chapter. A few chapters I wish she would have written whole books on. The following 10 were the biggest takeaways I will try to incorporate into my life. Although, there were about 20 others I would like to try. Small goals though, right?

1. Talk to people/ go to therapy

2. Focus on quality of what you are doing, not quantity

3. Set goals but not time limits

4. Create vision boards and keep them in plain sight

5. Take the plunge

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

7. Embrace your body

8. Learn about your habits

9. Surround yourself with positive people

10. “A willingness to offend” aka you will not make everyone happy

Now those are not in any particular order, some of these I am already trying to be mindful of, others I need a lot of work *smile*

I strongly recommend her book, go pick it up!

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