Friday Favorites: camp fires & s’mores

I am so happy it’s Friday, but where the heck is spring at?!?! Northern Minnesota is in another winter storm warning. It’s been a hectic week preparing for a 4 day work week and our Easter plans hence the reason for a selfie post today *wink*

I have a few Friday Favorites posts in the works but none fully prepared. No work today equals casual wear for the day.

A couple of years ago I bought his cardigan from Target in every color. Just this year did I finally have to throw one away because of a hole. I recently bought this The Parks and Apparel shirt from Bemidji’s Yellow Umbrella (my favorite local shop). I had been following Parks and Apparel on Instagram for awhile and recently this shirt went on sale, score for me! What would a day be without my Nickel and Suede earrings? Today is matte gold in size medium. It has just enough shimmer to it when the light catches it just right. My glasses are Bobbi Brown, The Isabella, from the Safilo Group. They were made with the Eyezen lens and Crizal Avance anti-reflective. The Eyezen lens has just enough add power at the bottom that helps with eye fatigue when using our digital devices. I highly recommend this lens!

Enjoy your Friday and if you are traveling for Easter, I wish you safe travels.

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