Happiness Project: March Review

I was to focus on aiming higher with “work”. The funny thing is the author set the goal of launching a blog, perfect timing as I had just started Coffee Pines & Designs. She wanted the reader, me, to enjoy the fun of failure, ask for help, work smart and enjoy “now”. Coffee Pines & Designs wasn’t my job, but it was a project I wanted to work on.

I intended for the focus of Coffee Pines & Designs to weigh heavier on the topic of interior design, and I still plan for that, but it has been therapeutic to share my thoughts on self love and personal growth. It has felt like a higher power, or energy was saying “it’s ok to focus on another topic for now”. I think looking over the last month’s posts, it was clearly needed for myself. To journal, if you will, and to have people read it and say “me too” or “thank you, I needed to hear that I am not the only one” was beneficial. There are friends of mine who I have had little contact with since moving to Bemidji that have read my blog and reached out to me. What a great way to re-connect. We may not see each other often, or talk much, but we still have this connection, even with all of our life changes.

The other points I took away from this month’s assignment were the following:

Fake it til you feel it/Act the way I want to feel:

There are days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed, or feel like you want to be positive. But I always try , some days I failed, some days I succeeded. It is hard to enjoy the fun of failure (as she suggested) in regards to our emotions, but laugh a little, shrug your shoulders and move on. If that doesn’t help, tomorrow is a new day!

Do a little each day:

Pace one self. With the blog, I don’t have to write a post each day. Some days I wanted to write more than one because my mind wouldn’t shut off and the time allowed. It will all flow when it needs to. I began working out with Mom’s Into Fitness, her plan is roughly 30 minute workouts each day. A little each day. Two weeks into it, I have stayed on track and hope to keep it that way. January’s focus of energy is a must for me, each month.

Writing partner/Community:

My friend, Amanda, of Lemon Drops Photography in Fargo, ND has a blog. We have been each other’s sound board for topics and advice. She is my partner. She is part of the community this blog is bringing together for me. A social platform for me to connect with others around the United States wanting to read my thoughts and visa versa. We learn from one another, we inspire one another, we hold each other up.

Make work room inviting:

My work room is hard to keep clean, with it being a work out space, my closet and my design room, but I rearranged it to feel more like I want it to. I have some final touches to work on, but a little here and there will get it done.

Slightly uncomfortable:

I write about thoughts that come deep from my mind and heart. Some of them are uncomfortable for me to share, but I know when I read stories from other bloggers, not always were those stories easy to write and share either. It is what makes us human. It is what makes us grow.

One goal brings another:

As I write one post a lightbulb goes off for another. I am like a pinball in a pinball machine, I go from one side to the next, up and back down again hitting the trigger that sends me to the next corner in a flash. I need to remind myself- slow down, do a little each day. There is no need to rush.

But I am having fun, so rushing is not bad, as long as I am producing something I am proud of- happy about. After all, this is the Happiness Project!

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