Happy Easter, He is with Us

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. We sat in mass and Father asked us to reflect on the questions “have you ever felt like you lost faith in God and what brought you back”?

I thought hard about these questions. I don’t think I have ever completely lost faith in God, but during different parts of my life I have felt stronger pulls towards him.

I remember in high school going through confirmation classes and feeling “rebellious” towards one of my pastors and his way of teaching. Rebellious is not a word that I would typically use to describe myself, so I have to chuckle at myself. I remember being forced to memorize certain things in order to be confirmed. I struggling with this. As I grew older I wondered why it was so difficult for me to do this. I was a good student, smart, and able to memorize other subjects with no problem. I think it was because I felt that God was not requiring us to necessarily memorize things to be good Christians. He wanted us to be loving, kind and good people. I felt there was so much pressure to memorize these words when kids around me who were unkind and doing things against God’s wishes were passing confirmation classes with flying colors. I did what I needed to do and was confirmed.

I spent a lot of time with a family in high school and college that taught me about God and his mysterious ways. These stories are not really mine to tell, but this time in my life provided me with the truth I needed to see from God that he truly is present with us. Since then my faith has continuously grown stronger and stronger. As T came into my life my faith was strengthened and altered. As our kids were born, again, my faith was altered and urged to grow. I have faith in God to help me through all of life’s changes. The positives and negatives. He will help me through because I believe.

My daughter was singing Newsboys’ God’s Not Dead the other night. The words meant more to me than they ever have. How great that my child was hearing this song at school and really listening to the words. To hear her sing these words during the Easter season was again something that caught my attention. He is alive. This is was Easter is all about. God bless to all of you and Happy Easter!

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