National Sibling Day 2018

Ashley, my one and only sister. She is one of my best friends. What would life be without her? Boring!

She is the yin to my yang. I am the serious one. She is the funny one. I am the strict one. She is the laid back one. I am the brunette. She is the blonde (for now anyways, after all, she is a cosmetologist). I am the right handed one, she is the lefty.

Ashley is like our mother, she is quick with the wit. When I struggle to come up with a comeback, she comes up with comments with a snap of her fingers. Literally, it can take me an hour to come up with what I wish I would have said. *sigh*

She is the fun and crazy person who will make a silly face and look totally adorable doing it. Me? I am too self conscious to look like I enjoy being carefree and foolish.

Did I mention she is laid back? I about have a heart attack watching the awesome bike stunts her boys do, I can hardly stand to see my girls get on a bike with training wheels. *semi-joking* She is THE mother screaming at the top of lungs rooting on my nephews at their races.

She is a kind hearted and creative spirit who leaves sparks and sparkles wherever she goes. She may wobble at times, but she is sturdy and will stand her ground. She always finds her way.

I love my sister. I am blessed to have played Barbies with her, ice skated together, danced together, had babies together, and now, grow “old” together. We have many paths to cross in our life yet. I can’t wait to be there side by side, arms wrapped around each other, holding each other up while the other cries of sadness or silliness.

I love you “little” sis- my Emery to my Stella. *hugs and love*

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