Mid week motivation: Commitment

“Motivation is what gets you started, Commitment is what keeps you going.”

It is very easy for me to fall off of the workout train, even though I thoroughly enjoy working out. Once I take more than a day off from a workout regimen I have a hard time staying on track. This poster has been taped to my workout mirror since January. I have ebbed and flowed with working out since the first of the year. Mom’s Into Fitness’ Pretty Fierce Workout program is 8 weeks long. I am 4.5 weeks in and this is the first week I am feeling blah. Thankfully it is more of a “rest” week. I had to alter the week from her recommendation due to missing two workouts last week. I am committed to completing each workout that she has scheduled. Looking ahead to the next few weeks I should be able to stay on track for the most part. Thankfully most of the workouts are less than 30 minutes. This makes it hard to say “no” to.

My take-always from this so far:

Keep a motivational quote in plain sight. I see it when I get ready in the morning and when I come home from work. It is a constant reminder that it is commitment on my part.

30 minutes is better than none. Tracy Anderson’s workouts can be dwindled down some, but for her full effectiveness she recommends an hour, this is not easily attainable with my current lifestyle which is why I am trying something new.

Look ahead to each week and determine when the workouts will be best fit in.

If I need a rest day, be mindful of this and honor it. I was getting headaches multiple times a day in February and part of March. Since beginning this program I have hardly had one. It is amazing.

I can’t wait to complete this session and see where my measurements are. My eating habits have not been superb, but I will continue to work on that as well.

Here is to finishing strong!

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