Welcome to my Home of Discouragement

I have spent over a year designing my She-Shed in my head. I have spent the last few months drawing it on paper. See, I have to be in my creative zone to put my passion on paper which is not an easy thing to do while having a family life and working full time out of the home. I have to draw it to scale in pencil on “trash paper” and then trace it onto vellum with special pens. I was so excited to get the floor plan and elevations drawn up and was ready to add color.

I appreciate black and white, I really do, I even dream of living in a pretty much all white house some day, but I think my heart lives in color. It was an accomplishment to get to add color to my plans. It was nerve wracking though. It made it more permanent and it was a point of no return. It was the skill set that was not my strongest in college. I love art, but my styles lean more towards abstract. So rendering to make things look realistic took a lot of practice. Towards the end of year four of the interior design program, I finally solidified my rendering style. Well, since it has been years since I have rendered projects like this, lets say when I laid out my colored drawings, I was a bit sad. I was discouraged. They were not anything I was happy to share with you. They need work.

A craft takes practice, I am out of sorts. This happens and I am highly discouraged. That being said, I am taking what I have learned over the past few months and grabbing this project by the horns and I will get it “right”. I will get it to a point where I am happy to share this with you.

Until then, I will leave you with the only rendered drawing I am happy to share. The front entrance. Welcome to my creative space. My place where I will creatively take projects of discouragement to a better light. After all, that is what an interior designer does. We take problems and blank canvases and turn them into works of art.

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