Monday Meals: Cheeseburger Joes & Chicken Tikka Masala

These are two easy crock pot meals to whip up for busy weeks. We have just a couple of weeks of school left and then things get a little less chaotic for our family. The Tikka Masala Recipe came from the Real Simple magazine. I do not think we have had a failed Real Simple Recipe occur. I think the cucumber and cilantro gives this a summery feel.

Click here for the Tikka Masala Recipe.

I don’t recall where the Cheeseburger Joes recipe came from. My kids love it. We don’t make it often due to the Velveeta cheese that it calls for. It is a no fail recipe for them though!

Cheeseburger Joes

1 1/2 lbs beef

3 cloves pressed garlic

1/4 t salt

1/2 t pepper

8 oz Velveeta cheese, cubed

2 T milk

1 onion, chopped

Pretzel rolls, 8

Mustard, ketchup, pickles, mayo, tomato to top the sandwiches

Brown beef in skillet w/ 1 clove of garlic and seasonings.

Drain, mix with rest of the ingredients.

Cover, cook on low in croc pot.

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