Sweet Girl & Smart Girl Review

I have said it before and I will say it again and again. I get so sad when I finish reading some books. I long for more story and more detail. I am not ready for the characters to leave my world. These feelings are heightened after I read a series of books with the same characters. I finished Rachel Hollis’ second and third books of her series, Sweet Girl and Smart Girl. Just as I did with Party Girl, I was rooting for the main characters, Max and Miko (love the name by the way, I think I had a Barbie back in the day with that name). I found a piece of myself in each of them. Each character was a strong person dedicated to her dream and making it come true. That alone was enough inspiration for me to keep reading. Bring Landon, from Party Girl, back into the mix, I adore the friendship and truth they bring to each other’s lives. I am blessed to have friendships like this and couldn’t help thinking of my friends throughout the books. Factor in their love stories and you have strong chic lit books. I liked how Landon’s story continued throughout Sweet Girl and Smart Girl. I didn’t feel like I was left hanging so much with her and Max. Now Rachel Hollis, perhaps a fourth book is needed? The epilogue was not enough. “Girl” as Rachel (or Landon) would say, I need more!

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