Happiness Review: Buy Some Happiness

Money is a tough subject for many. I am not a saver. I wish I was better. I am not horrible. I have learned a lot and have come a long way from the Express/GAP/The Limited credit card days back in college. I paid them off and closed them up a few years into college as I quickly realized that it was better that way. I will tell you though, those clothes made me happy. Good quality clothes make me happy. They last a long time. I had work pants (and still have one pair) that were 10 years old.

I am a firm believer that you can happiness…to an extent. One has to be relatively happy with life otherwise the bought happiness is going to be short lived.

Here are a few splurges that have made me happy in the past:

1. My old Honda. It was extremely reliable and I hardly had to pay for maintenance on it.

2. My Apple products. I have had two iPods and used them all of the time. It is just in the past 6 months that I do not use my most current one. My new iPhone now has enough storage to listen to so much of my music. It is more convenient. I will tell you, I am an iPhone girl, sorry other great products out there. iPhone just has it made with its simplicity and easy to use products.

3. Nickel and Suede earrings. The colors and comfort bring me joy. I have been wearing them for three years and can’t imagine the day they may go out of style. I continue to get compliments on them almost on a daily basis.

4. My book collection. Walking around Barnes and Noble makes me relaxed, excited about the stories I have access to and the learning ahead of me.

For the month of July I was extra cautious of where our money went. It was difficult at the end to see where it went as we had bought the majority of the clothes and supplies the kids needed for school, oh my, that adds up. I don’t know how families do it when they do not have the “hand me downs” we have been blessed with. I know we appreciate it and we pass along what is still in good condition onto others as well.

Gretchen Rubin laid out the month as the following:

Indulge in a modest splurge

Buy needful things

Spend out

Give something up

My modest splurge was one that I do 2-3 times a year. I stock up on Young Living Essential Oils that I use often. Deep Relief we realized works well on mosquito bites. We started to go through that one like crazy. It is one I leave in my purse at all times for my tension headaches. I finally was able to get Peace and Calming back into my hands and the Valor roller ball. I have never had Valor. Let me tell you, for the bit of anxious feeling I have each morning getting ready for the day, it has helped immensely.

As I took my weekly trips to Target for groceries and other needed items I steered clear of the woman’s clearance section. This helped me be mindful of only buying needed things and I would say that this was the “give something up item” she challenged me with too. It is too easy to see that yellow sale sticker and throw it in the cart. Now, I did not give that up for the girls. As seasons change I constantly comb through their section in preparation for the next year. I think I will continue to challenge myself to walk left instead of right when I enter into Target. This will help me bypass the cheap but stylish clothes they have merchandised to catch my eye.

She talked of spending out. This was basically telling us to not hold on to things for the “perfect” day. Use things, they will bring you joy, or else they just bring you clutter. I would say I am fairly good at this task anyways. Maybe not in regards to cute cards I find and hold onto until I need to send that special person a little note.

It was a good month. I continue to enjoy each month’s challenge! Check out the blog for other posts that talk about past month’s happiness challenges.

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