All Procrastination Is Just Fear

All procrastination is just fear.

Is this not the truth? How have I never really thought of procrastination like this before? I don’t recall what Rachel and Dave Hollis were talking about specifically when they said this, but it it was like a lightbulb went off above my head. I will tell you, listening to their Rise Together podcasts and her Rise podcasts turn on a lot of lightbulbs for me. For the last week I have thought of this quote when I reach for that unhealthy snack or putting off a workout. Come on Kirsten, you don’t need to put off sticking to a healthy lifestyle, you feel so much better when you eat smartly. Come on Kirsten, you feel so much stronger and happy if you sweat it out. There is always a fear of falling off the Healthy Train. It happens, over and over. Come on, Kirsten, don’t procrastinate any more! That is the conversation I have had with myself the last few weeks. I am finishing up three weeks of drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day. I have stuck to eating healthier than I have more recently. It’s a great feeling. An accomplishment. Take that procrastination; you are not worth the fear!

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