Of Mess & Moxie•Week 2

If you could decorate your home in your favorite style what would it be? On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your hospitality skills? Why?

What a fun question to answer and ponder. With my education in interior design I have an appreciation for almost any form of interior design.

What is my favorite though?

If I could decorate my spaces in any form? There are a few words that come to my mind. Bohemian. Vintage. Modern. Eclectic. Colorful. Retro. Colorful. Jewel toned.

Think Millie’s home in Because I Said So. The vibrant exterior of Frida Kahlo’s home. Walk into an Anthropologie store. That is my style. That is where I find comfort. Surrounded by color and simple lines. Pick up a Dwell magazine. That is what makes my heart sore. I walk into the KD Floral shop in Bemidji and I want the old wood floors that creek. I want the high ceilings that are covered in tin. I want the loft in a downtown city. I want the flat roofed dwelling in the middle of nowhere with repetitive glass windows that overlooks the ocean.

Thankfully, I am creative enough to make any house feel like home. I often fall asleep dreaming of other homes I could have. Not that I don’t love our home, but I have a vision of a simple home I would love to build someday. I practically know every detail down to the floor, the tiled backsplash, the placement of yoga area with floor to ceiling bookshelves. I can see it. I can feel it. Some day. Some day I pray it will be mine.

When was the last time you felt judged? How did you react?

Is being questioned/accused and judged the same thing? I choose to not talk too much about the situation where I was last put in this type of position. I will say that it hurt. It was one of the most painful times I have been judged. The thoughts and words by this person was false and that is why it ripped me apart like it did. I know, my blog is my place to be honest and open but there are some subjects off limits. I read other blogs for openness and honesty. I read other blogs for suggestions on how to be a better person. I can leave you with this though. Read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. His four suggestions on how to live life have stuck with me. I have them posted at work so I can see them whenever I feel defeated or stuck. I think it is one of the top 10 books I have read. A bonus? It’s short! What others think of you is a projection of their reality. That can hurt, but do your best and be truthful, that’s all you can do. Chin up!

Do you binge watch TV? What are your favor shows?

Oh, TV…I live in a home where we do not have cable or WiFi. I am ok with no cable and my brain probably says it’s ok to not have WiFi, wait. What did I just write? No, I mean I wish I had WiFi for a list of reasons a mile long. What my brain meant was, one of the reasons why I am ok not having WiFi is that I would then have Netflix all the time! I would most likely binge watch shows rather than workout or read. With that being said, I have binged on some shows when I have had the opportunity. Let’s rewind about 10 years. I binge watched Gilmore Girls. From episode one to the final one. Amazing! How did I miss that show? Rewind even father. Let’s say, back to 2003? This is when I came across reruns of Dawson’s Creek on TBS as well as the final episodes that were running on the WB. I would record what I could on my VCR. I broke down eventually and bought seasons 1-4 on dvd to get completely caught up. Each season got me through late nights finishing up interior design projects to get me in the last 2 years of the program at NDSU. Were you team Dawson or Pacey? Team Pacey all the way! Some day, I will buy the rest of the seasons to complete my collection. I would download songs off of the episodes and dream of moving to Wilmington, NC where it was filmed. I rented Big Little Lies from Redbox and binged on that one weekend sans kids. I felt like I wasted away that precious mommy break, but boy was it worth it! I also binged on 13 Reasons last month. I am still debating writing a post on my thoughts. That show tug at some heart strings and emotions! I prefer books and movies over TV shows, but a little R&R is good for the soul! I am enjoying God Friended Me on CBS, Sunday evenings. It comes in great with our large antenna!

If you had all weekend to be creative what would you create?

Such another great question to ponder! A whole weekend to be creative? No laundry? No cleaning toilets? No cooking meals?

Here are a few creative projects I would like to tackle:

Update/organize the look of my blog.

Draw in my sketchbook.

Draw out my dream house on paper. I have it all in my head. Yoga/meditation room with a long window and floor to ceiling bookshelves. A kitchen with aqua glass subway tiles and white counters.

Create Spotify playlists. My friend, Catherine, has amazing lists that you can tell she spent tons of time and love on!

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