From Scratch: A Book Review

From Scratch, a love story and a memoir. Tembi, the author, shares her story of her very own three marriages. Three marriages to the same person. What a way to reflect on their journey. It was the marriage they had as a newly married couple, the marriage they had as he fought cancer and the marriage after he sadly passed away. Of course I fell for their love story. Beautiful American girl meets hot Italian boy, they fall in love with one another and he moves to the states to be with her. Let the gut wrenching string of events begin. His family won’t accept her and won’t attend the wedding since she is not Italian. The story carries on and they have a beautiful wedding. His cancer diagnosis comes along. She can’t get pregnant. There is hope. His cancer treatment works. They adopt a little girl. And Then, horrible reality strikes again as the cancer returns. This is where her memoir takes shape. Her story is not only about her life with Saro but, how with time and patience, his family accepts her into theirs. They come together in love during his final days. Tembi and her mother in law grow stronger and stronger together as they cope with losing their loved one. Nonna fully accepts Tembi and her granddaughter. A love story in its own. Love wins. It always wins. What a theme.

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