Bible Study

Happy (almost) December! The snow started to finally fall this morning in the Northland. I expected to see inches of snow upon waking up as we are in a Winter Storm Warning. I finished up a wonderful Bible Study just now and felt the urge to share.

For the past month a couple of friends and I followed Courtney Joseph and the Good Morning Girls’ Making Your Home a Haven Bible Study. Part of her method is quite simple. She calls it the SOAK method.

read the SCRIPTURE

OBSERVE what verse sticks out to you the most

APPLY it to your daily life

KNEEL IN PRAYER over your sins

If you purchase her Making Your Home a Haven study guide she also has you list out what you are grateful for and what you are praying for that day. This 4 week Bible Study focused on Gratitude, Meditation, Prayer and Fasting. I wonder what Courtney was thinking…fasting for the week of Thanksgiving? *smile* I tried to fast for one day- I ended up eating a banana at lunch and ate a salad for dinner as I “couldn’t” push through. I could have. I know I could have. I realize this was a challenge I failed. I prayed and journaled a lot about fasting for the week. Food is a weakness for me. It is my go to for comfort. It is something I work on daily.

I think why I liked her method, or found it easy to adapt to, is that it mimics what I have being trying to do for over a year. It started with a devotional a friend gave to me, Be Still and Know. I would read the daily devotion, pray and journal about it, write down what I am grateful for and I would write down my 10 dreams (Rachel Hollis driven). This fall I came across an app called First 5 by Proverbs 31 Ministries. It was a nice change to read more verses from the Bible. I used this rather than the Be Still and Know devotion.

Thanks to the Annie Down’s podcast, That Sounds Fun, I was introduced to She Reads Truth. There is an Advent 2019 Bible Study they put together. I look forward to starting this tomorrow morning. It is beautifully put together with music, crafts, and recipes.

Once January comes around I look forward to journaling in my Moleskine Professional Journal again. Each page is sectioned just write for the continued use of the SOAK method, writing what I am grateful for and writing out my daily prayers.

As with any goal, it takes time to make it a habit. I am glad that this habit is more “on” than it is “off”. One of my dreams I would list out each day, is that “I walk with God daily”. I think I can cross this goal off of my list. It is simply part of my life now.

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