Three Women Book Review

I am uncertain as to why I was drawn to read Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. I only briefly heard about it and it wasn’t like a friend had recommended it to me. Perhaps it is because of my interest to know why people do things they way they do has skyrocketed. Maybe it is because I have two daughters and I worry about how things will be for them growing up in today’s world which is so much different than when I grew up. Maybe it is because one of the women in the book was from Fargo, just across the river from where I grew up.

What I can tell you is that the book was hard to put down. It was non fiction. This was not Fifty Shades of Grey, although, some of the details were as descriptive as the works of E.L. James. Three separate stories about three women and how sex affected their lives.

One story was about a high school student in Fargo, ND. This story was eerie for 2 reasons. A high school student having sexual relations with one of her teachers and it happening in a city I know well. A part of her story took place in Barnes and Noble which is still one of my favorite places to go to when I am back “home” and part of it took place at a restaurant that I frequented many times in high school (hello Moorhead Perkins and their warmed up bread bowls dipped in ranch dressing). Ok, not funny, but that combo was sooo good and yet sooo bad. My girls are going to be in high school with a blink of an eye. This makes my heart rate blow up. It is all too real. Where I live now there have been multiple accusations within the past two years of high school girls being “persued” by staff members at their high school. I know this is happening all over the United States, it is not just northern Minnesota. It is too real for my comfort level.

Regarding the other two women. These were hard to read but for a different reason. These ladies were both married and yet had sexual relations with different men other than their husbands. This is a concept I do not personally understand or would ever gravitate to. With that being said, the author did a good job of explaining the reasons why they were intimate with other men. She described what they were lacking in their life to make them act on their feelings. It made me step back and think differently about my initial reactions to their character. It made me realize, once again, to not judge a person if I have not walked in their situation.

Pick this book up if you want to feel uncomfortable yet challenged.

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