Personal Pep Talk

Do you have to give yourself personal pep talks? I feel like I do daily, but today is one of those days I am having a hard time doing so.

I veer to the right: hey you had an amazing streak

and then I veer to the left: why did you lose your focus and miss a day?

Where is this coming from? I woke up and realized I missed a day of using my ALO Moves app. I accomplished a 110 day streak and all I can focus on this morning is that I missed ONE day. It was my babies birthday yesterday so the focus was on her- enjoyably so. I am dedicated to my Bookclub and practically have a whole book to read by Tuesday night. So when the now 7 year old went to bed I picked up my book.

It’s ok to switch priorities. Why is it hard to give oneself that grace? My personality type is •I am all in•

To me, missing a day is letting myself down. I am aware this way of thinking needs work on my end.

It’s 9:30 AM, the house is picked up, the birthday cake is baked, yoga is done and I just managed to write a blogpost. Focus on the accomplishments, right? *smile*

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