2021 Health Journey

I have debated about posting these thoughts for the last week or so. Being that it is a New Year means so many of us try to accomplish new goals. Many of of those goals have something to do with one’s health or weight loss. I hope by sharing these thoughts people will set themselves up with realistic goals and know that sustainable habits take time. Find something that works for you and stick with it. If you get off the tracks you can get back on, believe me, I know. Find someone, or something, to help keep you accountable. It takes work, but it is worth it!

I started 2021 with the decision to NOT step on a scale. I wanted to check in with myself and FEEL how I was feeling. Did I feel happy? Did I feel healthy? That method worked for many months. I exercised with my Alo Moves app almost daily for months. I thought I was eating pretty well too. We don’t often eat out. I love to cook healthy. What could go wrong?

July 12, 2021 was the first day of the year that I stepped on a scale. I felt off and clothes were getting tight. I was at my heaviest ever (minus being pregnant). I found out I was:

10 lbs heavier than July 2020.

15 lbs heavier than my “happy weight”.

20 lbs heavier than “my ideal weight”.

Literally, the number was almost considered overweight for my body height and type. Talk about disheartening after I thought I was doing a good job.

I started to watch what I ate more carefully. I stepped on the scale occasionally. Slowly I saw the number come down. Progress always makes me happy, but I could feel myself starting to slip. I joined Noom on September 27th. I step on the scale every morning and don’t find myself frustrated if it tips up a little. Fluctuating is normal to an extent. I think about what I ate the day before, did I drink enough water and what time of the month it is. The app guides me to healthy food choices, logs my food and exercise, and provides me with a support coach and group. It teaches me to find out “why” I am eating unhealthy foods and how to address the “why”. Noom has helped me find a different way to check in with how I FEEL. Nearing the age of 40 is tough. I can’t eat what I used to without it affecting me. I don’t think I will need Noom for much longer, but I will stay for a bit longer to make sure better habits stick.

I hit my ideal weight at the end of November. I wanted to maintain that weight through the holidays. Fit 4 Glory gave me new workouts to look forward to, helped me shed a couple more lbs and tighten up some areas. I look forward to taking more of Jackie’s classes in the future. I adore her faith focused energy.

I am ending 2021 feeling pretty happy, healthy and proud. There is always work to do and I am already trying to figure out how to conquer other areas of my health in 2022…Patience? Stress? Saying “no “? Mom guilt?

Cheers to 2022 and I pray that you crush any goals you set your mind to!

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