Friday Favorites: Podcasts

I am not certain why it took me so long to realize what a podcast is, but I am so thankful I finally did. It is weird how things come into our lives at the right time. I listen to one which references another, I listen to that one and it references another. So on and so on. There are brilliant women out there, and men I am sure *wink* The podcasts I have been drawn to are women lifting up women, moms talking about how normal all of these abnormal things are. I am not alone. These women are inspirational. They lift me up. They lift others up. They are artists, they are creators, they are authors and speakers. They leave me feeling like I want to do more. Not that I need to do more, but really encourage me to live life with passion and reach for fulfillment. I have women in my life, a mother, a sister, aunts, cousins, friends, these women are real, they are my physical soulmates, they are right here with me, but Rachel Hollis, Elyse Snipes, Jessica Honegger, Meg Tietz and Jen Hatmaker– they are there during the morning when I am getting ready for the day, they are with me in the car on my way to work and as I wind down for the night. I feed off of their dreams, their goals, their advice and make me yearn for more. Maybe they can do the same for you.

Rise Pocast with Rachel Hollis

Trailer Cast with Elyse Snipes

Going Scared with Jessica Honegger

Sorta Awesome with Meg Tietz

Rise Together with Rachel and Dave Hollis

For the Love Podcast with Jen Hatmaker

Friday Favorites: Aqua-holic

In a past Friday Favorites post I talked about how turquoise is my favorite color. Aqua is a soft, yet vibrant, shade of turquoise that I equally am drawn to. I have this sweet friend who sent this cup to me a couple of weeks ago. Aqua-holic!?!? You mean to tell me that there are more of me? I just giggled with delight when I opened up the mail. I sat down to drink some coffee and realized, I am a true aqua-holic! This cup. This journal. This planner. It’s me! It probably stems from my love of the ocean and the colors that flow in the sea. Find what you love and douse yourself in it!

Friday Favorites: Garden Fresh Tomatoes

We had our first tomato out of our garden tonight! Look at that beauty! There is nothing better than a BLT in the summer. I posted earlier this summer about a new BLT recipe we tried earlier this summer. There are so many great tomato soup recipes out there but Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe is my favorite.

We are new to gardening this year. Planting it is not my thing but watering it and picking the produce was something I could assist with and maybe I could even call it therapeutic (when the mosquitos were not bad).

I am not sure I want to commit to canning just yet, but when we get the gardening thing down, bring on the salsa making and call me Miss Susie Homemaker!

Friday Favorites: Joy Hangers

Slowly as I have moved my adult plastic hangers down to Stella’s closet I have purchased the Joy Hangers. They are flat and have a non slip fabric adhered to them. These two factors are perfect for my itty bitty closet and to keep the shoulders/sleeves from stretching out of shape. My Type A personality is loving how cohesive the closet is looking too *my heart smiles*

If you are looking to give your closet a new look I highly recommend checking these out!

Friday Favorites: Coconut Drinks

It has been awhile since I have posted a Friday Favorites post. Summer has been super crazy and filled with weekend away after weekend away. Today I present something I drink all year long to remind me of summer and the tropical feel of Maui. Coconut flavored La Croix. It has been 13 years since I stayed on the island of Maui for a summer. When I drink anything coconut flavored, smell certain sunscreens or step out my front door on humid warmer mornings I get this “ahhhh” feeling of living on the fantastic island of Maui. I recently discovered this coconut creamer and tested it out in the La Croix water. It was a tad like the Italian Cream Sodas I used to drink as a kid. It is lovely in coffee as well. Drink up and enjoy!

Friday Favorites: Dark Walls

Grabbed the Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home from the Bemidji Library. I am enjoying some interior design inspiration over a cup of coffee on this sunny morning. Makes me want to change up our home. It’s hard to think we have been in our home already six years. We have a few rooms to update for the first time before we redo some rooms. It doesn’t hurt to dream though!

There is something stunning and inviting about a room with dark walls. I have yet to try this in a space of my own but will some day. I love how it contrasts with the bright white trim in this Domino book. The neon pieces of furniture are fun pops of color. A person has to really love these bright colors to put the money into sofa and chairs of this magnitude, but how beautiful is this room! A person may not be able to find chairs and sofa like this in stores but they can be custom made.

Friday Favorites: Snail Mail Surprises

I have a couple of friends that love snail mail as much as I do, giving and receiving. Occasionally we send each other a little something something. When I am out and about it is my favorite thing finding a treasure that makes me think of a family member or friend. It is not the easiest thing for me to get it to the post office, but it will get there *smile* my friend, Melissa, sent me these note cards from Tiny Prints with artist Stina Persson. The print is of a woman that has amazing earrings. Melissa and have a “thing” for Nickel and Suede earrings. It’s a connection we have, in addition to many others! Thanks to this wonderful gesture, I have found a new artist to love!

Cow Pie Memories

I love memories of my childhood. I was blessed with two loving parents and a fantastic little sister. I went to good schools, joined in activities that allowed me to be creative and was surrounded by loving and caring friends.

I get to relive my childhood each day with my two littles. Stella is a spitting image of me and Em, well she is “my little sister”. Stella’s class, along with the other kindergarten class, was invited to a farm in Bemidji. I just had to chaperone this field trip. See, my mom chaperoned my 1st grade field trip to my teacher’s farm when I was little. I have videos on a VHS tape that my mom filmed of this trip. I am huddled by my best friend, Jenny, getting grossed out by the Cow Pies that we could throw like frisbees. *gag*

The kids didn’t throw Cow Pies this time around, nor were the words uttered to the kids. The field trip though, was such a joy to my heart. It was a blessing. It brought smiles to my face, my heart and my brain. I saw Stella run around with her friends, she held hands with many of them and clearly enjoyed herself.

I imagine my mom having the same feelings 30 years ago. *ugh, 30 years ago*

I hope there are not many times in my future when I think of Cow Pies again, I imagine Em will go on this field trip in a year or so, but I do look forward to witnessing the girls surrounded by classmates and friends that help form them into the girls God wants them to be. Kind, caring, smart, strong and beautiful human beings.

Friday Favorites: You are my sunshine

We had summer show up briefly, but I am wishing for more. Here are a few of my favorite things that bring me summer all year along.

Maui Jim sunglasses are my favorite and I don’t think I can go without them.

Yankee Candle has this this candle that my mom and I equally love. It’s like a day at the beach.

Sun Bum is exactly what sunscreen should be. It keeps my skin safe and smells like sunscreen should- coconut and the ocean. Sometimes I will put it on just to smell like summer.