Friday Favorites: Snail Mail Surprises

I have a couple of friends that love snail mail as much as I do, giving and receiving. Occasionally we send each other a little something something. When I am out and about it is my favorite thing finding a treasure that makes me think of a family member or friend. It is not the easiest thing for me to get it to the post office, but it will get there *smile* my friend, Melissa, sent me these note cards from Tiny Prints with artist Stina Persson. The print is of a woman that has amazing earrings. Melissa and have a “thing” for Nickel and Suede earrings. It’s a connection we have, in addition to many others! Thanks to this wonderful gesture, I have found a new artist to love!

Cow Pie Memories

I love memories of my childhood. I was blessed with two loving parents and a fantastic little sister. I went to good schools, joined in activities that allowed me to be creative and was surrounded by loving and caring friends.

I get to relive my childhood each day with my two littles. Stella is a spitting image of me and Em, well she is “my little sister”. Stella’s class, along with the other kindergarten class, was invited to a farm in Bemidji. I just had to chaperone this field trip. See, my mom chaperoned my 1st grade field trip to my teacher’s farm when I was little. I have videos on a VHS tape that my mom filmed of this trip. I am huddled by my best friend, Jenny, getting grossed out by the Cow Pies that we could throw like frisbees. *gag*

The kids didn’t throw Cow Pies this time around, nor were the words uttered to the kids. The field trip though, was such a joy to my heart. It was a blessing. It brought smiles to my face, my heart and my brain. I saw Stella run around with her friends, she held hands with many of them and clearly enjoyed herself.

I imagine my mom having the same feelings 30 years ago. *ugh, 30 years ago*

I hope there are not many times in my future when I think of Cow Pies again, I imagine Em will go on this field trip in a year or so, but I do look forward to witnessing the girls surrounded by classmates and friends that help form them into the girls God wants them to be. Kind, caring, smart, strong and beautiful human beings.

Friday Favorites: You are my sunshine

We had summer show up briefly, but I am wishing for more. Here are a few of my favorite things that bring me summer all year along.

Maui Jim sunglasses are my favorite and I don’t think I can go without them.

Yankee Candle has this this candle that my mom and I equally love. It’s like a day at the beach.

Sun Bum is exactly what sunscreen should be. It keeps my skin safe and smells like sunscreen should- coconut and the ocean. Sometimes I will put it on just to smell like summer.

Friday Favorites: Fighting through It

Last night all I wanted to do was go to bed. Things had to be done though. Preparing for the next day, for the weekend events and THE workout. The kids went to bed, speaking of fighting…they fought that one, but down they finally went. Once the clothes were folded this mama put on her workout gear. Glutes, quads and hamstrings were conquered. The sweat always feels good, but what’s even better? That stretch and breath when it is finished. I have 1.25 weeks of this Pretty Fierce Workout, I will win this fight! Get those workout clothes on and get your sweat on!

Friday Fun Fact: this shirt was given to me in Kindergarten when I lived in Bismarck to celebrate 100 years. Talk about True Vintage!

Friday Favorites: Good Bye Winter Clothes

It was five years ago that we had snow in April. Much more snow than this year. So, I guess we should be content with snow on the ground on April 20, 2018? That is Northern Minnesota for us. Nothing gives me pleasure like throwing all of the winter coats, snow pants, hats and mittens into the washing machine one last time before being packed away until next winter. I am certain we may need the hats and mittens a couple of more times, but I have faith that spring is here to stay. Bring out the sandals and dresses for I am ready to show off these pasty white legs! I may as well embrace them, just another perk to living in the upper Midwest. Happy Spring everyone!

Added bonus, look at our little Stella and her cousins on Lake Bemidji. This just happened to show up on my Facebook Feed.

Friday Favorites: All Things Girls’ Weekend

Last weekend was an amazing weekend. Friday morning started off with a hair cut by Mikaela at M Salon. Always a complete joy to visit and relax with her. I have trusted her through all of my hair loss (ok, more like an abundance of thinning) due to pregnancies. I chopped it off into a pixie after each kid was born and have tried to grow it out. I am determined to not chop it again.

I got to work and a dear friend’s husband delivered a special treat from her as he was traveling through Bemidji. Nichole’s Pastry Shop in Fargo is a phenomenal place to eat treats, tea and coffee, of course. The desserts tasted amazing, but the words in the card she selected and wrote spoke to my heart and made me smile more. She always says the right words to encourage me to trust in my faith.

The girls and I went to Minneapolis to visit two of my best friends from jr. high and some of their kids. We relaxed, we went to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America, ate out and got caught up on each other’s lives. We try to do girls’ weekends with kids at least once a year so our kids know each other too. It’s so important to me that the girls know some of their “other aunties”. It’s always semi-chaotic trying to have conversations with four kids interrupting every few minutes. Somehow, though, we make it through and move onto the next topic.

The girls and I ended the weekend with “real Auntie” Ash. Hairs were cut and my grays were colored. We left feeling refreshed and loved up. Time was short but there is nothing like love and hugs from a sister/auntie.

A well spent weekend always gone too quick. We have about four more weekends of crazy schedules but seeing family and friends make it all worth it.

Friday Favorites: camp fires & s’mores

I am so happy it’s Friday, but where the heck is spring at?!?! Northern Minnesota is in another winter storm warning. It’s been a hectic week preparing for a 4 day work week and our Easter plans hence the reason for a selfie post today *wink*

I have a few Friday Favorites posts in the works but none fully prepared. No work today equals casual wear for the day.

A couple of years ago I bought his cardigan from Target in every color. Just this year did I finally have to throw one away because of a hole. I recently bought this The Parks and Apparel shirt from Bemidji’s Yellow Umbrella (my favorite local shop). I had been following Parks and Apparel on Instagram for awhile and recently this shirt went on sale, score for me! What would a day be without my Nickel and Suede earrings? Today is matte gold in size medium. It has just enough shimmer to it when the light catches it just right. My glasses are Bobbi Brown, The Isabella, from the Safilo Group. They were made with the Eyezen lens and Crizal Avance anti-reflective. The Eyezen lens has just enough add power at the bottom that helps with eye fatigue when using our digital devices. I highly recommend this lens!

Enjoy your Friday and if you are traveling for Easter, I wish you safe travels.

Friday Favorites: Frida Kahlo

I have loved this artist since I learned of her in college. I think what started my fascination with her was the 2002 movie with Salma Hayek titled Frida. I owned the movie and soundtrack first. She was quite a different person; probably considered extreme in her day and age. She was unique, strong willed, a fighter, full of emotion and darn stubborn! I appreciate her qualities; she lived through a lot of pain, both physical and emotional, yet emerged an icon.

In college we had to select an artist and design a kitchen for them. Of course, I picked Frida. I wish I could re-do the project now that I know more about design and more about her. Perhaps that is my next design project after I finish my She-Shed. The colors I would add. Ohhh, I can see it already! I digress.

I have since purchased a portrait by Jennifer Vallez that sits on my desk, a coffee table book Frida Kahlo at Home, and two pieces from Wee Rascals– the “Fierce like Frida” tank and a print that is in the girls’ room that says “feet, why do I need you, when I have wings to fly?” Recently a Barbie was released, I don’t know what I would do with her, except have her borrowed by my girls. *smile*

The girls are in love with her too as she has a “cameo” in Coco. I think this is my favorite part of the movie, my giddiness may have influenced their love quite quickly. Since seeing the movie Emery found a kids’ book with her in it at the library. The girls won’t put it down and now want to buy it as well.

Friday Favorites: Turquoise

I genuinely love every color, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Peacock Blue, or Deep Turquoise.

It seems like I could not do a Friday Favorites post without some Nickel and Suede earrings. This particular pair is not available at the moment. I call these my mermaid earrings. I may not wear these as often as my Lipgloss or Black Cork pairs, but these are my absolute favorite. They are so unique!

This Fossil watch was bought 5 years ago and is no longer available, but I have a similar one linked below.

Morgan Taylor nail polish is the best, beyond better than Essie or OPI. I was introduced to it by my hair stylist, Mikaela at M Salon. This one is titled “The Big Reveal”. It is a bit flashy, but when it is worn with all black for work or jeans and a white T on the weekend it almost seems classic. Make sure to try out the base coat and top coat. It will set like a gel polish manicure for about a week before chipping!

If I got to design and live in my dream home it possibly may be found in the Design Source: Minimalism book looking over the ocean.

Fossil Watch:–ES4294P-2305-2

Morgan Taylor Nail Polish, The Big Reveal:

Design Source Minimalism book:

Nickel and Suede earrings:

Friday Favorites: Retro

When it comes to design I am drawn towards clean lines, contemporary looks and deep retro color tones. These four favorites follow in that path.

Good Chemistry Brainiac Perfume

I am a sucker for branding and packaging. I am also a sucker for a warm scent. And you have have established, a sucker for anything Target. The vanilla and peppercorn scents are stronger than the citrus in which they all are mixed together. This scent slightly reminds me of the CK One perfume I wore back in high school. I have yet to run across a bottle of yet to compare but regardless, this Brainiac rollerball bottle of goodness makes me smile.

Essie nail polish in color Playing Koi

Growing up I was never drawn to the color orange, but in the past five years I have enjoyed having it around as well as wearing it. Have I mentioned we have an orange leather sofa? Think basketball orange!

Prodesign Eyeglasses

Design 1751, color 9634. These eyeglasses are streamlined and olive color. I work at an optical shop and they whispered at me one day as I walked past them on the shelf. They caught me dead in my tracks. They were a must have.

Nickel and Suede earrings in color gold, size medium

These are perfect for spring, summer or fall. They also go great with my NDSU Bison gear!